Cheese Naan $4.00

Naan stuffed with cheese

Garlic Naan $4.00

Naan cooked with fresh garlic

Keema Naan $4.00

Naan filled with minced chicken

Naan Makhani $4.00

Multi layered naan with a light garnish and butter

Plain Naan $2.50

Cooked in the tandoori

Plain Roti $2.50

Wholemeal plain bread

Butter Chicken $16.90

The pride of our kithen, boneless chicken half cooked in the tandoor and finished in a spicy tomato and cream curry

Chicken Delhi $16.90

A rich hot spicy chicken cooked with capsicum & coconut milk

Chicken Korma $16.90

Chicken fillets cooked in a very delicate curry with yoghurt and almonds

Chicken Tikka Masala $16.90

Fillet of tandoori chicken, spiced up and cooked with ginger, tomato, onion and capsicum

Chicken Tikka Vindaloo $16.90

Chicken cooked in spicy vindaloo sauce & garnish with fresh coriander & ginger

Kadahi Chicken $16.90

chicken thigh fillets tossed with ginger, capsicums, onions, tomatoes, fresh spices and herbs

Gulab Jamun $6.40

Sweet dumplings in syrup

Mango Kulfi $7.40

Homemade mango flavored Indian ice cream

Pistachio Kulfi $7.40

Homemade pistachio flavored Indian ice cream

Vanilla Ice Cream $5.40

Add $2 topping vanilla, chocolate, mango, caramel

Chicken Tikka $10.10(Half) $19.10(Full)

Boneless chicken marinated overnight and cooked in the tandoor

Ginger Chops $16.90(Half) $32.80(Full)

Marinated lamb chops cooked in the tandoor

Onion Pakora $6.70

Fritters of onion and vegetables with chick peas, potato, served with mint sauce

Reshami Kebab $10.10(Small) $19.10(Large)

Chicken mince with spices skewered and cooked in the tandoor

Samosas $6.70

Short pastry pocket filled with vegetables

Tandoori Prawns $12.90(Half) $24.80(Full)

Shelled jumbo prawns marinated with delicate spices and herbs and cooked gently