VEG PLATER$10.90(HALF) (3PCS) / $19.90 (FULL) (6PCS )

Samosa, Aloo Tikki, Onion Pakora


lightly spiced potato catlets stuffed with cheese and deep fried served with yogurt and tarmind chatney

Samosas (2PCS)$7.70

Short pastry pocket filled with vegetables

Onion Pakora (3PCS)$7.70

fritters of onion and vegetables with chick peas, potato, served with mint sauce

Chicken Tikka$$11.10 (HALF) (4PCS) / $20.10 (FULL) (8PCS)

boneless chicken marinated overnight and cooked in the tandoor

Ginger Chops$19.90 (HALF) (3PCS) / $39.80 (FULL) (6PCS)

Marinated lamb chops cooked in the tandoor

Reshami Kebab$10.10(HALF) (4PCS) / $19.10( FULL) (8PCS)

Chicken mince with spices skewered and cooked in the tandoor

Tandoori Prawns$15.90 (HALF) (5PCS) / $26.80 (FULL) (10PCS)

Shelled jumbo prawns marinated with delicate spices and herbs and cooked gently

Mixed Entree$11.10 (HALF) (4PCS) / $20.10 (FULL) (8PCS)

Includes samosa, onion pakora, reshmi kebab & chicken tikka

Tandoori Chicken$11.10 (HALF) (4PCS) / $20.10 (FULL) (8PCS)

Main Courses

( Mild, Med, Hot )

(add vegetables $2 with any meat curry)


Butter Chicken$18.90

The pride of our kithen, boneless chicken half cooked in the tandoor and finished in a spicy tomato and cream curry

Chicken Tikka Vindaloo$18.90

Chicken cooked in spicy vindaloo sauce & garnish with fresh coriander & ginger

Chicken Tikka Masala$18.90

fillet of tandoori chicken, spiced up and cooked with ginger, tomato, onion and capsicum

Chicken Korma$18.90

chicken fillets cooked in a very delicate curry with yoghurt and almonds

Chicken Delhi$18.90

A rich hot spicy chicken cooked with capsicum & coconut milk

Kadahi Chicken$18.90

Chicken thigh fillets tossed with ginger, capsicums, onions, tomatoes, fresh spices and herbs

Mango Chicken$18.90

Chicken in a delicious, lightly spiced mango sauce

Mathi Chicken$18.90

A medium delicious curry with cream and fenugreek

Chicken Saagwala$18.90

Chicken cooked with spinach, herbs and spices

Chicken Vindaloo$18.90

A traditional very hot curry with tamarind


Rogan Josh$19.90

A traditional lamb curry cooked with rich kashmiri spices and fresh coriander

Mango Lamb$19.90

Juicy lamb pieces cooked in mango gravy & spices

Palak Gosht$19.90

Punjabi style garden fresh spinach with lamb

Lamb Korma$19.90

A mild curry prepared with almonds and yoghurt

Kadahi Lamb$19.90

Hot lamb with ginger and spices

Balti Lamb$19.90

Diced lamb tossed with ginger, tomato, onion, capsicum and fresh spices and herbs

Pudina Gosht$19.90

Medium lamb curry with fresh pureed mint

Garlic Lamb$19.90

Lamb curry with fresh crushed garlic

Lamb Vindaloo$19.90

A traditional very hot curry with tamarind


a medium delicious curry with cream and fenugreek.


Mango Prawn$20.90

Juicy prawn pieces cooked in mango gravy & spices

Prawn Malabari$20.90

Delicate prawn curry in coconut milk, capsicum and tomatoes using shelled prawns

Prawn Korma$20.90

Prawn cooked in very delicate curry with yoghurt & almonds

Prawns Garlic Masala$20.90

Medium prawn curry with fresh crushed garlic

Saag Prawn$20.90

Prawn cooked with spinach, herbs & spices

Prawn Vindaloo$20.90

A hot goan curry with shelled prawns and tamarind

Kahahi Prawn$20.90

Prawns tossed with ginger, capsicum, onions, tomatoes and fresh spices and herbs


Mango Beef$18.90

Juicy beef pieces cooked in mango gravy & spices

Delhi Beef$18.90

A very mild delicious beef curry with cream and fenugreek

Saag Beef$18.90

Diced beef cooked with spinach, herbs & spices

Nariel Beef$18.90

A mild beef in coconut milk

Beef Masala$18.90

A medium beef curry with spiced vegetables and fresh tomatoes

Beef Vindaloo$18.90

Tthe traditional very hot goan curry with tamarind

Kadahi Beef$18.90

Diced beef tossed with ginger, capsicums, onions and tomatoes and fresh spices and herbs

Beef Do Plaza$18.90

Medium beef curry with spring onions and shallots

Beef Korma$18.90

A mild beef curry prepared with almonds and yoghurt


Aloo Matar Tamatar (VEGAN)$16.70

A rich curry with peas, potatoes and tomatoes

Delhi Baingan (VEGAN)$16.70

Eggplant with onions, cashews and dried fruits

Mixed Vegetables (VEGAN)$16.70

Medium to hot mixed vegetable curry

Navratan Korma$16.70

A mixed vegetable in a delicate curry with yoghurt & almonds

Saag Punjabi (VEGAN)$16.70

Traditional punjabi style fresh English spinach cooked to give a rich taste of ginger and fried onions

Malai Kofta$16.70

Dumplings of cottage cheese & vegetables cooked a rich sauce

Zeera Aloo$16.70

Potatoes in cumin seed

Matar Paneer Sabji$16.70

A spiced up vegetables of cottage cheese & peas in a semi dry sauce

Daal Tadka (VEGAN)$16.70

Lentils cooked Indian style and served after frying with onion, ginger & spices

Palak Paneer$16.70

Cottage cheese and spinach curry

Butter Vegetables$17.70

Vegetables cooked in butter sauce

Butter Paneer$17.70

Cottage cheese cooked in butter sauce


potatos cooked in spicy vindaloo sauce & garnish with fresh coriander


cottage cheese a thick gravy tomato and spices from the Indian Sub Contentent

Methi Paneer$17.70

Cottage cheese cooked with cream & fenugreek


chicpeas herbs & spices cooked in a thic curry sauce and garnish with coriander


Chicken Baryani$18.90

Basmati rice cooked with chicken, herbs and spices

Lamb Baryani$19.90

Basmati rice cooked with lamb, herbs and spices

Beef Baryani$18.90

Basmati rice cooked with beef, herbs and spices

Prawn Baryani$20.90

Basmati rice cooked with prawn, herbs and spices

Vegetable Baryani$18.90

Basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetables, herbs and spices


Basmati Rice$3.00 ( SMALL) / $5.00 (LARGE)
Coconut Rice$4.50(SMALL) / $6.50(LARGE)
Saffron Rice$4.50(SMALL) / $6.50( LARGE )
Fried Rice$4.50(SMALL) / $6.50(LARGE)


Plain Naan$3.00

Cooked in the tandoori

Naan Makhani$4.00

Multi layered naan with a light garnish and butter

Cheese Naan$4.00

Naan Stuffed With Cheese

Garlic Naan$4.00

Naan Cooked Wirh Fresh Garlic

Cheese & Garlic Naan$5.00

Naan stuffed with cheese and topped with garlic

Keema Naan$5.00

Naan filled with minced chicken

Peshawari Naan$5.00

Naan stuffed with dried fruit and nuts

Plain Roti$3.00

Wholemeal plain bread

Plain Parantha$4.00

Wholemeal flaky layered bread

Vegetable Parantha$5.00

Parantha stuffed with spicy vegetables

Spinach & Cheese Naan$6.00

Naan bread cooked with fresh spinach and cheese

Side Dishes

Mint Sauce$2.90
Sweet Mango Chutney$2.90
Tomato/ Onion Salad$2.90
Yoghurt And Cucumber$2.90


Gulab Jamun$6.40

Sweet dumplings in syrup

Mango Kulfi$7.40

Homemade mango flavoured indian ice cream

Pistachio Kulfi$7.40

Homemade pistachio flavoured Indian ice cream

Vanilla Ice Cream$5.40

Add $2 topping vanilla, chocolate, mango, caremel


Soft Drink$2.90
Indian Masala Tea$3.40

Chef's Special

Tandoori Sizzler (4pcs)$16.90

Mixed platter of chicken tikka, lamb cutlet, samosa & onion pakora

Malabar Fish$21.90

Pieces of fish fillets smothered and marinated in mild spices & herbs, cooked to perfection in on a slow fire with a special sauce

Fish Vindaloo$21.90

A red hot blend of flavours from portugal and India cooked with a sharp tangy sauce, which is sure to set your taste buds, alight

Fish Korma$21.90

Fresh fish which are slowly simmered with fragrant spices & a potent combination of garlic, ginger in a creamy sauce

Lamb Chops Kandhari$21.90

Marinated lamb chops sautéd with onion, tomato, capsicum & fresh herbs

Dansk - Chicken/ Lamb$19.90

A parsee specialty which provides the perfect balance of chicken/lamb, lentils, and traditional herbs and spices

Mushroom & Peas$16.90

Mushroom cooked with peas and tomatoes in rich curry

Bread Basket$14.50

Combination of garlic naan, butter naan & peshwari naan served with side accompaniments (raita, mango chutney, mix pickle)